Loans for $1 on a daily basis Rainy Day’s objective is way better short-term financing: Instant loans just for $1 every single day, plus fr that is recurring

(except if they are free!)

No fees that are hidden. No credit check.

Rainy Day’s objective is much better lending that is short-term Instant loans just for $1 per day, plus recurring free times that provide you a proper $0 fee / 0% APR choice. Begin with 5 days that are free a couple of months & earn significantly more free times as you repay.

Account is 100% COMPLIMENTARY

& it takes merely minutes that are few use.

Funds transfer immediately cash is utilized in your bank account right after the mortgage is authorized.

Simple & transparent costs Rainy Day doesn’t have upfront charges. You merely purchase the times you may need, while the charge really is easy – $1/day after your free times have actually been utilized. No concealed costs.

Five free times, four times per year Rainy Day provides a complete of 20 free times per year to really make it able to borrow if you have a term emergency that is short.

It simply gets better As you produce a payment history with Rainy Day, the offer simply gets better – greater credit limitations, the capacity to ask buddies, and much more days that are free.

No funny company we’re a direct loan provider. Your details is saved firmly rather than provided. No concealed charges.

Enhance your credit history Rainy Day will report good repayments into the credit bureaus history that is once enough founded.

What’s Rainy Day?

We aspire to revolutionize the short-term financing area using what we call “Socially Driven Lending” .

Standard Rates

For us to find a way to move forward without the virality it was a moot point because we got absolutely annihilated by default rates while it might have been possible. All of whom passed multiple in-house and third-party screens, our default rates were staggering despite accepting less than 20% of applicants.

We knew industry standard prices had been high prior to starting Rainy Day – roughly 60-70% each year. Everything we didn’t understand, because there was clearlyn’t good public data, had been that people figures are stone and mortar specified. Online default prices are dual that –120-140% each year – and those figures are a lot less than exactly what an entrant that is new see since they mirror much weighting of repeat clients (perform clients are much, never as likely to default). Our standard prices had been much worse at the least to some extent, or even completely, because practically all of y our clients had been new clients.

Every 2-3 weeks, so potentially 24 times a year) in some of the lending cohorts (batches of loans all made within the same two week period) we saw default rates above 60%, meaning more than 3 out of 5 new customer loans were not repaid, and when you annualize those losses they are multiplied at least ten fold (because you are losing that amount. even yet in our subsequent financing cohorts of notably less repeat that is risky default prices had been far more than the low-fee model could manage. No Rainy lending cohort was breakeven at our $1 a day rates day.


The federal government’s handling of the payday industry has been a disaster in addition to all these challenges. The badly defined, “Choose Your Own Adventure” nature of this CFPB’s new proposed laws early in the day this current year had been convoluted, did little to handle realities on the floor for an incredible number of US families, and included big loopholes which virtually guarantee it’ll be company as always for the big payday players.

Furthermore, the unofficial management policy of pressuring banks to reject bank solutions to short-term loan providers (“Operation Choke Point”) has just made innovation into the room more challenging (we had been rejected an ACH account and bank-account by significantly more than 50 banks, credit unions, and monetary solutions businesses) and further entrenched the payday lenders that are largest that have the resources to secure bank reports and usage of cash transmission.

Policy Suggestion Sidebar

We invested great deal of the time considering prospective policy solutions, and I also can’t assist myself from tossing one or more of these out here. In the event that national government together with CFPB are genuinely enthusiastic about improving the everyday lives of payday borrowers (which we think these are typically) with a few imagination and innovation, they usually have the capacity to do this at practically zero cost.

Presently, a significant portion, if you don’t all, of all payday borrowers’ made tax credit would go to paying down the concept and accumulated interest associated with the previous year’s payday title max loans advances. We claim that the CFPB works together with the IRS to slice the middleman – the payday industry – out from the procedure.

In the event that government consented to backstop a borrower’s losses along with their earned-income taxation credit for listed here year, it might practically eradicate the danger of standard and would ensure it is feasible to supply short-term loans at an extremely reasonable interest ( e.g. 15% APR in the place of the industry that is current of 391% APR). this could protect the expense of operations and supply a profit that is reasonable personal lenders/servicers.

I’m maybe not generally speaking a big fan of federal federal government delivering services widely available when you look at the sector that is private. But, in cases like this the government is in a position that is unique significantly lessen the danger and, consequently, the price of these loans, while having a really significant effect on scores of families’ everyday everyday lives as an effect.


We certainly wish there is certainly some genuine innovation in this area quickly, whether driven by federal government legislation or startups. Thus far everything we’ve seen that claims to produce a much better alternative ( e.g. LendUp) is mainly revolutionary advertising and technology. Whenever you glance at the regards to the loans, these are typically in identical 200-600% APR range whilst the traditional pay day loan businesses.

Once the great series that is three-part the Pew Charitable Trust on Payday Lending in the us vividly illustrates, almost all of the borrowers when you look at the room are in the heartbreakingly paradoxical situation to be struggling to pay the terms of a pay day loan, in addition to unable to not ever frequently simply take one.

I’ve simply no doubt it’s a problem that truly deserves our energy and attention that we can solve this problem with smart government policy and true innovation, and.

An incredible number of working families that are american each month merely to spend the rent and place food up for grabs, without any buffer for unforeseen bumps within the road. The pay day loan status quo of high default prices as well as greater interest levels is an awful solution, however the just one available at this time for scores of families. a genuine solution would have a sudden and extremely significant effect on tens of millions lives daily.

Let’s ensure it is a concern to straighten out a genuine solution now.

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