Business intelligence :

Business intelligence (BI) has been referred to as the process of making better decisions through the use of people, processes, data and related tools and methodologies. The roots of business intelligence are found in relational databases, data warehouses and data marts that help organize historical information in the hands of business analysts to generate reporting that informs executives and senior departmental managers of strategic and tactical trends and opportunities. In recent years, business intelligence has also come to rely on near real-time operational data found in systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain, marketing and other databases. “Operational” BI is meant to provision many more functions in the organization with role-specific dashboards and scorecards and is increasingly tied to the topics of performance management and business process management. Inherent to any form of BI Softerion delivers a notion of data quality, consistent and dependable data and the processes involved in its creation and maintenance.


ERP Consulting is one of the key offerings of Softerion. We work with Oracle E-Business, Peoplesoft , J.D.Edwards & SAP suites of products and deliver robust, cost effective solutions to our clients. Our experience in implementations, upgrades and application management outsourcing ensures you get maximum return on your investment in the shortest possible time. We use our expertise and experience to give you the value you want and ensure effective analysis of your corporate information.



CRM has evolved from customer data management to building and managing long-term relationships. Softerion works with enterprises to devise and implement CRM solutions that become the backbone of their customer acquisition and retention strategies. With a framework that ensures alignment to the organization’s strategic objectives, Softerion’s approach addresses the key dimensions of people, process, and technology, helping enterprises succeed in their CRM initiative with the best technology.



Softerion are leading experts and pioneers in the area of designing enterprise applications, which confirm to the SOA principles, We have proven methodologies and frameworks which assist us in building loosesly coupled coarse grained services. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a design approach that allows developers to construct business applications and business processes out of loosely coupled, independent services provided by distributed applications. By basing your application infrastructure on SOA-enabled products such as Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle JDeveloper, and Oracle Database 11g, you’ll be able to develop applications that reuse existing functionality within your organization, adapt easily to changing business priorities, and present users with compelling, Web 2.0–style interfaces built using a framework of events, services, business rules, and application logic.