The Dean Rojas Bronzeye (Bronze Eye) Frog, manufactured by Spro, is probably the most heralded frog ever introduced to the United States market.

From the time Rojas won $40,000 fishing a frog bait at the Bassmaster Timeless on Lake Wylie in 2004, the frog market went crazy so we have seen more frogs think about it the market in a time that is short than ever before. With the great hollow- bodied frog baits already in the marketplace, Dean Rojas knew he had to really place something extra to the design for the Bronzeye Frog making it stick out. Initial feature that is unique’ll notice in regards to the Rojas Bronzeye Frog is it is often built to utilize full potential of Gamakatsu’s EWG Double Frog Hook. The cable used in this hook is 2x strong, ensuring it could resist strong rods and line that is braided. You won’t believe the amount of hook that is exposed, thanks to the EWG Hook, and how soft the plastic is when you press down on the Bronzeye body.

The human body regarding the frog is narrower and longer than many other frogs in the marketplace, apart from the Swamp Donkey, which can make the Bronzeye walk-the-dog easily in open water. The ‘nose’ associated with the bait is anchored to your wire simply behind the line tie attention, which has been welded closed so your super line that is braid slip out. the weight is molded to the human anatomy and cannot fall down or go. The human body resists filling with water, making the Bronzeye land precisely nearly every time. Another touch that is nice showing that the bait was created by a person who really fishes frogs, is that the residing plastic legs are guaranteed within the body associated with the Bronzeye so they really won’t ever pull out. Also, they are cut extra long to help you trim them towards the size you prefer. The Bronzeye is a superb frog that is all-purpose great for thick mats, sparse

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Commentary: my frog that is favorite by. We finally retired my head to Leopard final season after 60 seafood, most Nothern Snakeheads and lots of 8lb+. The frog had plenty holes from their teeth and had been missing the majority of its nose so it would fundamentally NejlepЕЎГ­ sex datovГЎnГ­ lokalit take on water, but it had become my happy frog and so I ended up being unfortunate the afternoon I had to call it dead. Turned around and tied up for a new one and kept getting. There’s a inconsistency that is little the softness associated with body. I’d say maybe one away from four is a bit rigid and may work with a boil that is quick soften it. I actually do fold my hooks up slightly and trim the legs offset (one faster than the other) however these would be the most useful. Durable, walks great, and it has weight that is enough the size to launch it. I have a lot of frogs, I truly only require that one.

From: Nate: Abingdon, MD 4/12/21

Comments: fellows your frog will probably fill with water whenever a fish bites it , I have no issue with water getting in the frog , and hook set ratio isn’t bad , you have to wait for seafood to consume it , you will get lots of blow ups nevertheless they do not constantly have it first time , wait for the fish to just take the frog under and you feel the fish , all I use is SPRO and I don’t possess all these problems apart from just a little water after around three or four cast and i just squezz it down and cast once again , many issues are individual mistake

From: Christopher: Elizabethtown 7/21/20

Responses: This frog works great. I caught multiple fish it still works like its brand new on it and two snapping turtles and. We shall definitely buy more.

From: Teague: Indianapolis, IN 6/17/20

Feedback: It gets hits for sure and the colors are excellent, having a decent hook up rate. It does nevertheless undertake water worse than my Koppers or Pad Crashers, fairly bad really. Therefore I stick with the latter two as opposed to that one. Having said that, they are nevertheless usable and do get an abundance of fish.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO, 1/20/18

Comments: it sinks; fifty per cent of a days usage and it sinks – got fed up with squeezing it down after 2 or three casts. forcing me to change rigs for a pole that we hate doing as soon as I will be in a spot;

From: Matt: Folsom, CA 7/31/15

Remarks: I place a bit that is little of silicone round the hook opening plus it helps maintain the water away. This doesn’t impact the hookup ratio.

From: Unknown: USA 5/1/14

Responses: I must say i got into frog fishing come july 1st and this frog ended up being the reason behind it! I have always had issues with the hook-up ratio when working with a frog but did effectively with this particular one. I’d state near 90%, and I shall admit that a lot of regarding the seafood I lost had been either small or user-error, perhaps not the frogs fault. But when it comes to your top features of this frog I understand why its considered the greatest, its! Dean Rojas claims to fish the frog right from the package, but also for me personally it requires one little modification: cut about 3/4 inches off each of the legs. This does 2 things: 1) it increases the hook-up ratio as the fish aim more for the human body of this frog, and thats where the hooks are 2) it creates this walk that is frog easy. If you are a new comer to fishing that is frog do not know how exactly to walk a frog, its simple, it just takes some practice. Once I first began using it, i really couldn’t allow it to be walk a bit. But after utilizing it a entire summer time i make it walk quite simple. Now, once I begin to use other frogs, such as the Booyah Pad Crasher, it doesn’t walk. Nevertheless the Bronzeye constantly walks. I have caught both quality and quantity using this frog. I’ve fished large amount of lilly pads, milfoil mats, duckweeds, and any other variety of slop and this frog crushed them. If you ask me, the faster the retrieve the better, although there are days whenever seafood wont hit it unless it stops or you work with a slow retrieve. Use a long, stiff pole and braid (A MUST) and certainly will toss this frog a county-mile. Its amazing the long casts you makes along with it. Main point here this frog is amazing. I have numerous colors but Rainforest Ebony and Natural Red seem to work always great. I ponder over it more of a reaction strike then the feeding strike, therefore I keep my color preference simple and just get fishing!

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