Summertime Saga is an adult orientated good quality dating sim game, presently in development and funded wholly by Patreon backers.

Set in a tiny residential district city, a young guy simply entering university is struck by the loss of their dad. Mystical circumstances surrounding the death are merely the start of their issues while he learns that their dad was at financial obligation to a group of shady crooks.

The video game features over 65 characters to meet up and communicate with, over 30 locations that are unique 20+ mini games, with hours of the latest content being added every upgrade.

You can easily install the overall game at no cost, but by giving support to the game on Patreon you gain exclusive benefits such as for instance; personal down load servers, bug tracker and wiki access, vote on future content, in-depth development overview, discord rewards, future scene spoilers, and much more!


Every couple of months, on average.

The progress club in the news web page should indicate exactly how near we’re to a launch (soon).

The roadmap from the news web page shows the content that is planned the second updates!

Each and every time we discharge a update that is main we quite often publish a fresh poll on our Patreon web page where users can vote for just what they might like us to get results on. The possibility most abundant in votes is then positioned on the “Roadmap” as a update that is planned.

Clients during the $5 tier or above can vote in future content polls. $5 tiers have actually 1 vote, $10 have 2 votes, and $20 have 4 votes. Click on this link in order to become a Patron!

Save compatibility is on a best effort foundation, there are not any guarantees at the moment. Saves will usually work in the event that salvage is through the map or within MC’s bed room. In case the salvage does not load properly, you can look at the “auto saves” as a backup.

You really need to register/login to your patreon account to our website so that you may use our bug monitoring system and edit town wiki! Otherwise you can publish insects on our Discord host (nonetheless it’s better if you utilize the bug monitoring on our internet site).

DC channels as frequently while he can. With respect to the content and just how much work he is been carrying it out could be every single day flow or per night flow then or follow him on Picarto/Discord and have a notification sent to you via email if you want notification you can either check his Patreon every now and.

In the event that you missed the absolute most present one then it will likely be through to their Picarto underneath the movie category in the event that you missed some of the other people then we keep an archive of all past channels conveniently detailed by thirty days and 12 months.

Take a look at our community wiki. You may also check out our Discord host and join the #help channel for certain questions!

The video game continues to be at an stage that is early of a great deal for the content continues to be lacking, you could always check our community wiki for information on the existing tales open to play.

We’re presently maybe not shopping for brand new downline you are liberated to content DarkCookie on Discord with an example of the work in which he shall contact you if things change.

Sure! Learn more concerning the interpretation procedure right here.

QA is short for “Quality Assurance” however in the context of game development this means having people get on the game play while making yes no errors/bugs are occurring whenever playing. We now have a tiny set of users whom test our updates before launch to ensure it offers the minimum quantity of insects before it reaches the general public.

Hard to state. We still have actually a large amount of content left in order to make plus the game is extremely open ended. After we complete most of the pupil tales while the primary quests, we are near to being carried out and that can give attention to polishing.

Yes, you will find 3 other tasks prepared but our concern would be to complete Summertime Saga first while making it just like we could.

DarkCookie may be the creator but he also offers a united team of designers who now assist him! You can examine our “About” part on our internet site to see that is presently involved in the creating of Summertime Saga.

He could be a french pirate that is somalian. That is all we all know.

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